Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Day we had to patiently wait for Daddy to get off work so we could drive to Utah. The kids were dressed up nice so we decided to do a little photo shoot in front of the Christmas tree to pass some time. They had both bought new toys with their own money at Walmart the night before so they wanted to show them off. The last picture is my favorite. Makes me realize that my babies are growing up!

Decorating the Trees

Each year we put up 2 Christmas trees. We have a small one upstairs for the kids that has all of our old and new keepsake ornaments and we have our big tree in the livingroom. The kids decorated their tree the Saturday before Thanksgiving and then we decorated the big tree as a family that Monday.

St. George Carousel

While we were in St. George for the shower we decided to go check out the new St. George Carousel. The kids absolutely loved it. We rode it twice and then walked over to Judds Store to get some candy and a root beer for Daddy.

Bouncing Baby Boys!

About a month ago the kids and I were able to take a trip up to St. George to celebrate my sister-in-law Jessica's baby shower. Both of Jeff's sisters are due with baby boys soon! Rochelle's little Tyler Alex should be arriving any day now and Jessica's little Hadley Chad will be arriving in a few weeks! We are so excited for them.
While I am most certain my sister-in-laws will smother me in my sleep for sharing this picture, I just had to!
Rochelle really wanted a car seat cover so I got to work and made them each one. This is the one I did for Rochelle. I finished Jessica's late at night and left early the next morning so I wasn't able to get a picture of hers. It was super cute though with a blue tractor print on one side and a red bandanna-like print on the other.
I also made them these fun little wash cloth lolly pops.
Since the baby shower was cowboy themed Jessica brought a lot of Chad's cowboy gear with her to decorate for the party. Andie had a blast wearing Uncle Chad's favorite hat and riding grandma's rocking horse.
We had such a great weekend.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Halloween Fun!

This year we decided to do a combined party for Andie's birthday and Halloween. We had about 25 kids from the neighborhood come and had so much fun!
I made a lot of fun food but forgot to get good pictures of it all. We had mini mummy pizzas, monster mouth apples, spider's eggs and witch's brew.

Thing 1 helped the kids with the bean bag toss.

My little Harry Potter

The cutest little cupcake ever!
Thing 2 with the birthday cake.

This kid seriously melts my heart!

That night we had a fun block party with all of our neighbors.  We grilled, made homemade root beer and the kids played for hours. Afterwards we all went trick or treating around the neighborhood. It was by far the best Halloween I have ever had!

Daddy's Girl

Daddy and his girl having fun with the camera.......

Fun With Pumpkins

The kids were bored one afternoon so I decided to let them paint some of the pumpkins that they had picked at the pumpkin patch. They had a blast.

The day before Halloween we carved pumpkins with daddy.
My least favorite part is cleaning them out so we let him do all the dirty work!

Kaleb decided to do an Angry Bird which Jeff helped with and I helped Andie carve her Dora pumpkin.

Next was my turn to carve the huge pumpkin Jeff brought home from the Country Club. What did I carve on mine?
Harry Potter of course! I was really worried it wasn't going to turn out but I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked when we put it outside with the candle in it.