Friday, September 23, 2011

Meet The Mortensens!

Today my big sister got married. She is now Mrs. Trevor Mortensen. They decided to keep it small and simple so it was just Trevor, Toni, Alexia and Mathew there. I am sad I couldn't be there for her but I am still so happy for them. I wish them all the love and happiness in the world!

My First Sale!

A while back I made my very first sale on my etsy shop!
This is the finished product. I love this fabric!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chef McDang

In Jeff's last 6 weeks at Le Cordon Bleu he was able to work at Technique, the restaurant attached to the school. He got to experience every area of the restaurant including cooking, serving, taking reservations, expediting orders and greeting customers as they arrived. While working there he was able to help with several banquets that were held in Technique. One of his favorites was held in honor of Chef Mcdang, one of Thailands leading food experts. It was a great experience for him.

This is what Chef Mcdang's biography says on his website: " ML Sirichalerm Svasti (Chef McDang) is Thailand’s leading food expert, chef and writer. Born into the Thai royal family, McDang completed his early education in the UK and USA and at the Culinary Institute of America, which led to a career as executive chef and restaurant owner and manager that saw him travel from Washington DC to Florida and California. Upon returning to Thailand in 1993, McDang began writing about food and cooking and appeared on TV cooking shows. Sixteen years later, McDang is Thailand’s most famous food expert and a respected ambassador for Thai cuisine. He is the author of several best-selling Thai language cook books, host of the popular weekly TV program, ‘McDang Show’, pens weekly food columns for leading Thai and English-language newspapers, and consults for a number of companies, including Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, Siam Winery, and Sodexo. At an international level, McDang has appeared on a number of TV shows and has performed lecture tours in Australia and New Zealand. Each year he is invited to lecture at culinary schools in the USA by Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which he has recently been appointed as an honorary chef instructor at Le Cordon Bleu, Las Vegas. It is the notes for these lectures that form the basis of his first English language cook book ‘The Principle of Thai Cookery’, with a dream of having Thailand and Thai cuisine become even better known internationally ."

Jeff and Chef Mcdang

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's About Darn Time!

Since my sisters keep (lovingly) nagging me about updating my blog I figured it was about time I post something. Life has been a little hectic for us this summer. Jeff finished school in August and started working at the Red Rock Country club shortly after. He is still working at Costco in the morning as well so any free time we get together is precious. I have been babysitting full time (40 hrs a week) since July. I am exhausted but grateful that I can be home with my kids and still contribute financially to our family.
About a month ago we found out that our rental home had gone into foreclosure and would be sold at auction. It was a bit of a shock at first and added a lot of unwanted stress but we found a house that we absolutely love just one street over so we are grateful that things worked out the way they did. We will now have a small backyard, a fire place (yay!) and a fun play room that will be great for babysitting. We will also be living right by some great friends of ours. This whole experience has reconfirmed to me that everything happens for a reason. We move in one week and I can't wait!
One other reason I haven't posted lately is because my camera died :( I feel lost without it. These are the last pictures I took with it. Toni and Trevor came for a visit back in July. They were here the weekend of Jeff's birthday. This was their first trip to Vegas so we spent a day down on the strip showing them the sights.

{Rainforest Cafe}

Lexi loved the fish!
{Coke World}
Crazy Uncle Jeff and Mathew

{M&M World}

Toni, Trevor, Lexi and Mathew
{New York New York}
We also went to Circus Circus that afternoon. By then my camera had died so I wasn't able to get any pictures but we had a blast. That night Toni and I got to go do some shopping together while the guys stayed home and watched the kids. It was so nice to get to spend some time with her.
I'm hoping once we get settled into the new house I can get back to crafting and blogging regularly. I have a lot of projects in the works for the holidays. Jeff is also graduating in October so we will have a lot of family here to celebrate with us. I am looking forward to the next few months and all that they have in store.