Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Knight Play Set

A couple months ago a friend of mine asked for my help with some presents for her son's 5th birthday. She sent me a couple pictures of what she had in mind for him and this is what I came up with.

I used 2 layers of thick cardboard and cut out the shape of the shield. I then cut out felt to cover it and attached it with spray adhesive. I hand stitched around the edge with embroidery floss to give it some detail. I also added an Old English font "M" for Michael. To do this I printed the letter on paper, cut it out and then traced it on my felt. I used a very small pair of embroidery scissors to cut it out of the felt. I then attached it with hot glue.

Next I created the sword. It took me a bit to decide what would be sturdy enough for a 5 year old and also what would be safe. I ended up using a small wrapping paper tube that was very thick. I wrapped felt around it and hot glued it, then tucked the ends in. Next I cut out 2 square pieces of cardboard, cut a hole in the center and covered it with felt as well. I also stitched around the edge again with the floss. It was a perfect fit and I was able to just slide it over the end and it stayed in place perfectly.

Finally for the crown I found a template on google images and traced it on 2 pieces of felt. I sewed around the edges adding a piece of elastic to the back. After that I sewed the star to the front. It's cute and simple and I love it.

I love how this project turned out. It only took a couple hours to make and didn't cost a dime because I used everything that I had on hand. I plan on making Kaleb one for Christmas this year and hope to come up with a princess set for Andrea to go along with it.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun Father's Day Treats

A while back I saw these adorable fast food Father's Day treats on Bakerella and I knew that I had to make them for Jeff this year. They were a little more complicated than I had anticipated and took about 5 hours of work. In the end though they turned out great and Jeff absolutely loved them. The kids did too as you can see in the pictures below.

A brownie burger on a cupcake bun with frosting ketchup, mustard and lettuce. And a side of sugar cookie fries.

The only thing I would do different next time is add a bit of peach colored frosting on the side to create "fry sauce".

5 hours of work and they were gone in a matter of minutes!

Daddy and Andie enjoying their treats!

Summer Trip 2011

Well I think it's about darn time I do some updating on this poor blog! I'm not sure where the last few months have gone but I feel like things might be slowing down just enough for me to breathe and catch up a little.

We returned yesterday from an 11 day roadtrip! We started off the journey in Winnemucca for my sister Tiffany's wedding. It turned out beautifully and we had a great time.

From there we headed to Ennis, Montana to see my grandparents and many other relatives. We had a great week there fishing, going to the museum, visiting with family and old friends and relaxing!

After that we went to Salt Lake for 2 days where I came down with the stomach flu. Jeff and his sister took care of the kids while I slept. They got to go to Chuck E. Cheese and Cowabunga Bay water park and had a blast.

Yesterday on our way home we stopped off in St George to have lunch and spend a couple hours with Jeff's parents. I wish we could have spent more time with them but it was great for the short time we were there.

Overall it was a wonderful vacation. Now it's back to life as usual. Jeff is beginning his last six weeks of school and I am babysitting fulltime for the next couple of months.

Enjoy the pictures and be sure to click on each picture to enlarge.

{Forgive the huge spaces in between everything. Blogger just isn't cooperating with me today!}

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