Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mother's Day Fun!

Mother's Day weekend we got to go to California to help surprise Jeff's Grandpa for his 80th birthday. It was so much fun to get all the kids together and spend a nice relaxing weekend together.

Kaleb and Andie with their cousins Kaitlyn and Kylie at Jack in the Box on the way to Fontana.

Grandma Bev gave all the kids fun little gift bags when we got there. Each of them got a pair of sunglasses and they had fun modeling them at Grandpa's birthday party at Sizzler.

Kaleb looking cute in Kaitlyn's glasses.

After the party we all went to Balboa beach with Jeff's dad. It was a little chilly but the kids played in the sand and water for a while and then we walked around on the boardwalk and had a yummy dinner at Newport Landing.

Chad was a good sport and let us all bury him and then turn him into a mermaid (merman?).

We drove home on Mother's Day and this is what my sweet husband made me for dinner. Lobster tail, bacon rice pilaf and the best corn I have ever tasted!

It was an amazing Mother's Day weekend. I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life!

Monday, May 16, 2011

My First Skirt!

A couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to make Andie a cute skirt to wear to Grandpa's Birthday party. I guess it wasn't technically my first skirt if you count the hideous one I made once upon a time in 4-H. That one however was made with a difficult pattern and some super ugly denim print material. This one was made with a lot of guess work and a bright, fun summery print!

I basically just started out with a long rectangle piece of fabric. I hemmed both long ends and then used elastic thread to shir it.

I sewed four lines across with the elastic thread to create a waist band. Once I had that done I measured Andie's waist, cut off the extra fabric and sewed the two end pieces together creating a skirt! It was that simple! I later added some pink ric rac to the bottom to give it a little detail but never got around to taking a picture of it after that.

Once I was done with the skirt I use the extra piece I had cut off to make a little dress for Andie's favorite dolly.

Next I plan on making a skirt for myself using the same basic method and some super cute black and white polka dot fabric!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day Gifts

This year we spent Mother's Day down in Southern California celebrating Jeff's Grandpa's 80th Birthday. It was such a nice and relaxing weekend! I wanted to do something simple for Mother's Day gifts this year. I had tried making homemade fortune cookies for the first time a few weeks ago and a friend of mine thought they would make cute Mother's Day gifts. So she came over and we made them using the recipe found here. It took a little time to get the recipe just right but after some practice they turned out great!

I printed fortunes that said "Happy Mother's Day" and "We're so fortunate to have you in our lives!" and put them inside the cookies.

I bought Chinese take-out boxes at Michaels and put 7 cookies in each box.

To decorate them and make them look cute I made paper roses using the video tutorial found here. I added metal alligator clips to the back so they could be removed. I also tied some rafia around the box.

I really enjoyed making the roses. They were actually a lot less complicated than you would imagine them to be!

Oh, and the cookies were DELICIOUS! I probably ate about 20 of the ones that didn't turn out as well.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family Pictures- Uncle Ken's Funeral

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These pictures were taken at Uncle Ken's funeral, April 14, 2011.

It was the first time in almost 20 years that all of the grandchildren were together with Grandma and Grandpa(minus Heather who was unable to make the trip to Nevada but was missed.) We were able to get a lot of pictures which I will cherish forever. Most of these pictures were taken by Kaleb who snuck off with my camera while everyone else was trying to get coordinated for the pictures. He managed to get some pretty funny shots and I wanted to share them all, well minus the ones he took of dog poop, trees, backs of peoples heads, and many more random things. Hope you enjoy and get a laugh out of them. Be sure to click on "play" and zoom in on the pictures. The last one of the top collage is my favorite. I have no idea what is going on in it but I love the looks on everyones faces.