Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Boutique

A couple weeks ago my sister-in-laws hosted a spring boutique at Jeff's parents house in St. George. I was able to go up for a night by myself to help them. It was so nice to get away for a break even if it was just for a short time. Rochelle and Jessica worked so hard on all their projects. We stayed up most of the night before painting and sanding and cutting out vinyl to put on the wood blocks. We were exhausted the next day and didn't end up having a good turn out but it was still so much fun to get to spend some girly time together!

Jessica adding a vinyl quote to a tile.

Some of their many projects......

I love these family home evening boards. They came with chalk and the black part is painted with chalk board paint. (Notice the board says "Ernie". Well that just happens to be my family nickname and everyone but me seems to find it funny.)

They had cute Easter decor as well.

Lots of pretty flower arrangements and plates with vinyl.

We moved all of the furniture out of the living room and set up tables. In addition to our crafts they had someone selling Scentsy and Lia Sophia jewelry.

This was my table. I had been sick the week before and didn't have time to make much but I sold some hair bows and bow holders. I actually ended up spending twice as much as I made but I was ok with that. I got an adorable purse and some super cute jewelry.

Rochelle working on price tags.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

California Trip- March 2011

I finally got a chance to get some of the pictures together from our trip to California last month! Below is a slide show of some of my favorite pictures. Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them!

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Here are a few more pictures from the trip.....

Kaleb and Andie modeling the shirts I made them in Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's backyard.

Grandpa Anderson taking Kaleb for a ride on Grandma's scooter. I'm not sure which one of them enjoyed it more!

Andie and I playing some frisbee.

Kaleb modeling his shirt again.

We took the kids to see "Mars Needs Moms" while we were there. Kaleb was
so excited about this pirate skull!

Kaleb hamming it up on the Hot Air Balloon ride at Camp Snoopy.

Watching the Wild West Stunt Show in a covered wagon.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Snoopy and Charlie Brown Shirts!

When we told the kids we were going to Knotts Berry Farm Kaleb knew right away that he wanted to go dressed like Charlie Brown. I searched for shirts online but didn't like the high prices so I decided to make them shirts myself for a fraction of the price.

For Andie's shirt I found a simple outline of Snoopy online. I bought the shirt on sale at Joann's for $2 and got the sequins there as well for $.50. I laid the shirt directly on my computer screen and traced the picture on lightly with a pen. I first used tacky glue and glued on each sequin. Much to my dismay they all fell off the next day when I picked it up. I knew I had to sew all the sequins on to get them to stay. It took FOREVER. I was literally sewing until midnight the night before we left trying to get it done. I was so happy with how it turned out though and she absolutely loved it!

Kaleb's Charlie Brown shirt was fairly simple. I bought the shirt at the 99 cent store and got some black fabric paint at Joann's for $1. I again found an image online and traced it onto the shirt. I painted the front first, let it dry over night and then painted the back. It was so simple! Kaleb thought it was the greatest thing in the world. He even had me buzz his hair and give him a "Charlie Brown haircut" before we left.

I am so glad we were able to take them and make some great memories. I know it was a trip they won't soon forget. I will post more pictures of the trip soon!

A Prayer Request

Requesting prayers for my Uncle Ken. Today he suffered a massive heart attack and is in the hospital in Missoula Montana. My heart is aching for my grandparents, Aunt Memi and all the family that is there at his side. I wish more than anything that I could be there to comfort them.

I am praying over and over that this will not be his time to go. Though I am certain my mom (his little sister) would welcome him to Heaven with open arms, our family isn't ready for that. My greatest memories of Uncle Ken are the many fishing trips he has took me on. My children need that opportunity too. They need to know him and love him and laugh at his jokes.

So I am asking from the bottom of my heart that you will please pray for him. Pray for Aunt Memi and his children, Kenny, Christine, and Heather. And for all of his grandchildren who, I am sure, adore him just as much as the rest of our family does.