Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ironing Board Re-do: Take 2

Remember this cute little ironing board cover I made back in January?

Well, it turns out that the fabric I used wasn't quite as heat resistant as I thought. How did I discover this? Well I was ironing one of my husband's WHITE school uniforms and discovered it was turning blue with little polka dots. By the time I realized it I had burnt a hole all the way through the cover. Luckily I was able to bleach the uniform and all the blue came out but I was forced to make another cover.

I found this fabric at the DI (Thrift Store) a couple months ago. It was a huge piece, around 4 yards, and I got it all for $2! I cut the elastic out of the other cover and used the exact same method as I did when I made the other cover. You can see the original post here.

I actually think I like this cover more than the other one and it's 100% cotton so I won't have to worry about it melting!

1 comment:

DesertHen said...

LOL! I think Jeff would have looked "cute" going to school with his white/blue polka dotted uniform.....=)

I like the new cover!