Saturday, December 4, 2010

So Much to be Thankful For

Wow! I can not believe it is already December! I swear I blinked and the last month was gone. I spent most of the last few weeks sick in bed so I had to put a lot of things on the back burner. My poor little blog was at the top of the list. As much as I love keeping everyone updated and sharing all my fun crafts I just had to put things into perspective and take care of the things that matter most. The greatest thing about the last month is the amount of time I was able to spend focusing on myself and on my kids. We spent a lot of time watching movies, reading books, playing wii and cuddling on the couch. It was great! Jeff came to the rescue on the days that I was so sick I couldn't even crawl out of bed. He cleaned the house and washed the dishes more than I think any man should ever have to and he didn't complain once. I can't tell you enough how much that meant to me.
After about a week of misery I went to the Dr. and was able to get on some medications that cured me just enough to celebrate and enjoy Thanksgiving. We went to St. George and had a wonderful time. Jeff and his mom made an amazing meal while I played with the kids and napped. We continued on with a fun filled weekend by attending the Christmas Lighting Ceremony at the St. George LDS Temple (More on that later), shopping at Santa's Workshop Craft Fair, going to the movies, playing games, and eating WAY too much yummy food.
I missed out on the chance to share what I am thankful for so I will do it now. I have a list about 50 miles long in my head but right at the top of that list is FAMILY. What would I do without them? The last few years have been filled with a lot of struggles for us. We've lost a lot, cried a lot and prayed A LOT. But along the way I have gained a knowledge that no matter what happens, no matter how tough things may be I am still the luckiest girl in the world. I have a family that loves me, and I mean LOVES me! It's an unconditional love that I hope each and every person in this world can feel.

Please enjoy this beautiful song....It will make you cry, in a good way

Pictures of our Thanksgiving Celebration!

Kaleb and Andie spent the morning decorating gingerbread houses while watching the Macy's Parade.

Andie just enjoyed eating the candy!

Jeff and our brother-in-law Alex grillin up the turkey.....YUM!
(Don't mind the construction zone in the background. It will soon be a fun playroom for the kids and an apartment for Jeff's grandma.)

Jeff's grilled turkey with a honey chipotle glaze.....AMAZING!
My mother-in-law also made a beautiful turkey that was devoured before I could get a picture.

Andie, Kaleb, Kaitlyn and Kylie patiently waiting for the feast to begin

On Friday Jeff's sister, Jessica, came for a visit. The kids are always excited to see her!

Kaleb, Jessica and Macey, the cutest little Puggle ever!

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DesertHen said...

Glad you are finally feeling better! It was good to see you and the kids when you were here. (even if it was briefly) You have beautiful kiddos, a wonderful family and one amazing husband! You should be very proud! =)