Saturday, December 18, 2010

Busy Bee

The past few weeks I have spent every single free minute working on finishing up my homemade Christmas gifts. My sister-in-laws also had a holiday boutique in South Jordan and although I wasn't able to make it up there I made a few things for them to sell. It is safe to say that after this next week I will be taking a nice long break from being crafty.

I made several of these Christmas light garlands to sell at the boutique. I decided to keep one for myself to hang in the living room.

I made this wreath using some left over burlap from Halloween and some felt scraps. I have been making a lot of wreaths lately. I'm not sure why. For a while I was really into cutsie little signs with quotes on them. I have way too many in my house. I am now starting to think I have too many wreaths. Time to move onto a new obsession.

Another book page wreath. This one will find a new home Tuesday night. I am going to a Christmas party and we were instructed to bring a homemade white elephant gift.

Kaleb and I made this yarn ball snowman for his teacher at church. He absolutely adores her. Since tomorrow is his last day in her class before he moves on to the 4 year old class he wanted to take her a present.

Yet another wreath that I made for the boutique. My sister-in-law made one just like it when we were together for Thanksgiving and gave me all the extra scraps. Score! I never turn down free fabric!

Ok, I agree. The wreath obsession is getting ridiculous now. This one is made from coffee filters. I painted the edges before I separated them. Once they were dry I used massive amounts of hot glue and glued them on filter by filter......It took a while!

Here is another example of me not turning down free fabric. When I was at my parent's house back in October my mom let me go through boxes and bags full of fabric that had been given to her. Some came from a friend that was moving and needed to get rid of it and the rest came from a friend who is in a quilting group. I found all these cute little strips of fabric and knew that they would be perfect as a little doll quilt for Andie. This quilt just makes me smile. I love all the bright colors and can't wait for Andie to open it Christmas morning.
I have a few more projects in the works so hopefully I can get them all finished up in time to share before we head to St. George for Christmas. I am making Kaleb a little magnetic fishing set that I know he will love! I will try to post pictures of that soon.


The White Clan said...

The book wreath is AMAZING!!! Good job friend! You are so blasted crafty!

Erin Terry said...

Thanks Kacey. This is the 5th book page wreath I have made and I love them!

Kim @ Life of a Modern Mom said...

Great projects!!! How did you make the Christmas light garland? It is awesome. :)

Erin Terry said...

Thanks Kim. It was pretty simple. I just cut out all the bulbs using a paper one I had cut out as a template. Each bulb has 2 pieces of felt. I sewed them all together then cut out green rectangles. I folded them over the bulbs and sewed across the bottom. That way it created a loop to string the ribbon through. Simple as that!