Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy 101

Last week I received the Happy 101 blog award from Naptime Crafters. I now have the opportunity to share 10 things that I love and 10 blogs that I love. It was so hard for me to narrow it down to 10. I sat here for hours going through all my favorites. I chose the ones that made me smile the most and you will see why........

1.I love this little chef costume found on Polka Dots and Pizza . Kaleb always wants to dress up like a chef to be like daddy so I may have to make him this.

2. Dream Home created this beautiful Fall pillow cover.

3. Frou-FruGal took an old buffet and turned it into an amazing and beautiful piece of furniture. I would LOVE to have this in my home.

4. I absolutely love this owl ornament made by Whimsical Creations . It just makes me smile!

5. Revamped made this cute play kitchen for her daughter. I am working on one as well so I am always on the lookout for more ideas.

6.Simpsonized Crafts made this amazing pumpkin topiary.

7. Nap Time Journal made this adorable witch and spider banner.

8. You've been Boo'd! My Many Colored Days made these fun treats for the "Phantom Ghost" to deliver to neighbors. I always thought this was a Utah thing but I was so happy that someone "Boo'd" us a few nights ago. It made Las Vegas feel a little more like home!

9. KSSNNIKKEL created this darling upcycled hat for her adorable baby Drex.

10. Get the recipe for this rainbow Jello @ Awesome Family Fun.

Now for the 10 things that I love.........
2. My amazing, funny, crazy, adorable husband Jeff
3. My 2 beautiful children
4. The Harry Potter series (which I am currently reading for the 2nd time)
5. Fabric, Fabric and more Fabric
6. Disneyland
7. Christmas morning
8. Vanilla Coke
9. Twizzlers
10. Date nights with my husband
Now, if you received this award from me please pass it on to 10 more deserving women. It will put a smile on their face!


nap time journal said...


Mormishmom said...

Thank you so much for the award!

AUDRA said...

Hey, thanks for the reward! You're too sweet!

michelle dean said...

Thank you! This is very sweet!

Lei said...

Thank you so much Erin. I am honored.:) And excited to meet you!

Lisa said...

I'm late! My internet is messing up...again! Thank you so much! I loved seeing my cutie patootie in your post. :)

April said...

Thnk you Erin! It's been too long since I've even checked on my blog (more computer problems!) Im so proud to be one of your favorites! Im sure your play kitchen will come out great, Im glad to be part of your inspiration. I actually plan on making a few more of these to sell so you'll have to check back!