Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Homemade Christmas

I've been working on a lot of Christmas presents lately but haven't gotten around to taking pictures of any of them. So far I have completed presents for 12 people. I have made everything my self including the gift bags and I have spent less than $30! I will post pictures soon if any of you are looking for cute but inexpensive ideas. This is the gift I made for my little sister Paige. (I really hope she doesn't look at my blog!) She's turning 12 this year and is getting quite obsessed with hair and clothes and nail polish and all that other fun stuff. So I made this to put on the back of her bedroom door. The mirror is removable, it has plenty of pockets for hairbrushes and makeup and the ribbon is to hang headbands and hair clips.

Other Christmas projects I have in the works:
Hand Warmers
Roll Up Chalkboard Mats
Roll Up Felt Kitchens
Felt Dr's Kit (For Kaleb)
Felt Garden (For Andie)
"Where the Wild Things Are" Hand Puppets
Tons of Felt Food
Ruffle Necklaces
and much much more!


The White Clan said...

Can you stop being so ambitious? You are killin me here!
No it is way cute, bravo!
But really could you stop? ;)

Erin Terry said...

Thanks Kacey! I'll stop if youll agree to buy all my Christmas presents this year. Then I wont have to make anymore. Deal?