Sunday, September 19, 2010

Food, Food, and More Food!

I feel like I have been neglecting my duty to brag about my amazing husband lately. I have been so caught up in everything else going on that I haven't posted any updates on his schooling. He has also had a hard time remembering to take pictures of all of his hard work so I will let him share some of the blame.
It's very hard to believe that he started school almost 7 months ago. He is still loving it which makes me so happy. He has taken several different cooking classes, a math and communications class and he is just finishing up his baking class this week. After a minor setback a couple weeks ago when he fractured his hand, he is all caught up and ready to continue on.
I thought I would share a few pictures of some of his DELICIOUS creations.

Key Lime Pie! It tasted even better than it looks, if you can believe that!

Chocolate and Hazelnut layered cake....AMAZING!

Let me just say that I devoured that Apple Pie as soon as he walked in the door. The eclairs and cream puffs were also delightful!

Words can not express how proud I am of Jeff. He is following his dream, working hard and still manages to be the same loving, wonderful father and husband that we love. The year has been a tad bit stressful on us but I know that we are working towards an amazing future and we will one day be very grateful for all the sacrifices we have made to make this possible.


Amy Pratt said...

YUM! is all I can say, you lucky girl!

Natalie Bergquist said...

Man I wish I was your neighbor right now! Someone has to help you guys eat all those yummy things =P Great job Jeff!