Sunday, August 15, 2010

Taking a Break

Yesterday afternoon we decided we needed to escape the heat for a bit. We have spent most of the summer cooped up inside since it's so hot you can barely breath outside! We thought we would drive up to Mt. Charelston and take a picnic lunch. We drove around for a while just taking in the beautiful scenery, stopped at the lodge and walked around the gift shop and then
we headed up the canyon and found a perfect picnic spot. You have to hike a little to get there but the weather was beautiful and it felt so good to be outside again.

The kids had a great time splashing in the stream!

The water was FREEZING!

Jeff managed to sneak in another goofy face.

Andie enjoyed a popsicle, mixed with a little dirt.

It was so nice to get out as a family and just be together. Life has been so crazy lately we haven't had much time to just sit and relax and enjoy eachother's company.
It's hard to believe that 6 months has gone by since Jeff started school. In a little over a year he will be doing his externship and we'll be deciding where we want to officially call "home". That's a little exciting and scary at the same time but I know that as long as I have my family by my side everything will be ok.


Anonymous said...

Glad you got to "get away"! Tyler will be home in two days and we plan to do the same. We haven't seen him in two weeks. I know the feelings of uncertainty and yet the thought of being together all the time would make any of those feelings calm down. We miss you guys. You have to come to STG for my tasting party in September.

Natalie Bergquist said...

What a wonderful day! You have the cutest kids. I love Mt. Charl...Aaron surprised me on our 1 yr anniversary and took me on a surprise picnic up there after church and we stayed at the lodge (he packed for me and everything!). Good memories. Miss you around here!