Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Karate Kid....

A couple weeks ago we went to the movies and Kaleb won a free week of karate lessons. He was so excited! Yesterday was his first lesson and he absolutely LOVED it! He is so proud of the t-shirt and headband they gave him.
Of course he had to do a silly face like daddy always does.

Here he is practicing some of his moves.....

Sitting up straight and saying " Yes I can!"

Showing off some more moves.....
I had a blonde moment and forgot to put the memory card in my camera :( So I took these from my phone. I wish I was able to get some more pictures but we'll give it another try next week.
After the lesson we sat down to go over prices and things to decide if I wanted to sign him up for it once the free week is finished. Let's just say I about had a heart attack when he told me how much it is. Lucky for Kaleb he was nice enough to extend his free week into a free month so he will get to go 2 days a week throughout September. I think he is going to have a great time with it and I hope that he's able to learn a little discipline!

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