Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday Fun

Here's a little more of the fun we had on Jeff's birthday and throughout the weekend. Above is a picture of the cupcakes I made. I "borrowed" the picture in the previous post because I thought they looked a little bit better than mine. This one actually looks pretty good though.
So on Saturday Jeff had to work. His sister and her family came down to visit so we got to do a little shopping and hang out with them for a bit. Sunday we met my grandparents and picked up my little sisters. They have been in St. George for a week and now they are staying a week with us. They were excited to be here to celebrate Jeff's birthday.
Sunday night Jeff made an amazing meal. We splurged a little and got some crab legs and veal steaks which he cooked to perfection. He also made me some delicious green beans, bread, potatoes and brownies for desert! The pictures never do his food justice!
I love my husband but some times I wish he would take a serious picture! I'm sure this drove his mom crazy when he was younger too. So many family photos have him making a silly face like this! (And notice I couldn't get all the candles to light and he was bugged that they were dripping wax on his yummy brownies, so only a couple are lit)

This is one of the gifts I made him. I found this idea here at Homemade By Jill:
Jeff loves rootbeer so I wanted to do a sampler with a bunch of different ones. I had a hard time finding them individually though and I didn't want to have to buy that many cases of rootbeer. So I decided to do a soda sampler. It included Joe's Cola, Virgil's Rootbeer and Orange Cream Soda, Oogave Rootbeer, Death Valley Black Cherry Soda and a few others. I found them all at Whole Foods. He absolutely loved it!

Like Jill, I made a chart that showed what kind of sodas were in the crate. I didn't get quite as fancy as she did but it's nice to have so he doesn't have to take each soda out to choose one that he wants.
Overall he had a great birthday. He deserves it more than anyone I know. He has worked very hard this year to support our family and chase his dream and I couldn't be more proud!

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Rochellemagee said...

How is it that almost every picture of Jeff he has that same creepy look on his face?! I don't know that I've seen a serious picture of him ever!!!