Thursday, June 3, 2010

Remember This?

Remember the felt food that I started making last year? I am a little embarrassed to admit that I still haven't finished it! I had planned to make it all in time for Christmas last year but between my sewing machine dying and getting ready to move I just couldn't find the time to finish it. I was going through all my fabric a few days ago and found it all, cut out and ready to sew, so I decided to sit down and finish some of it. All I managed to finish was this pizza. I hand stitched each of the toppings on so it took me about 2 hours. I'm hoping that I will get it all finished in time to give to Kaleb for his birthday this year. It will go perfectly with the play kitchen that I am making him.

I have also been working on these felt kitchens like the one I made my kiddos last year. I am making them for all of my nieces for Christmas this year. I have 2 of them done and 2 more cut out and ready to sew. My kids love theirs and it is such a space saver. It just rolls up and we store it in a little tote with all their play dishes.

Here's a little more inspiration for the play kitchen I'm making for Kaleb. I found this one here:
Not sure if mine will be as detailed as this one. I will post some pictures once I get started on it. Check out the other examples Jill has on her blog. They are amazing!


Miriam H said...

That is really cute Erin!

Natalie Bergquist said...

You are one of the coolest ppl I know. Just have to tell you that1

Erin Terry said...

Awww....thanks Natalie. You're so sweet :)