Friday, May 14, 2010

Nemo the fish....

Kaleb has a fish named Nemo. For his birthday last year my grandma sent him a dollar. He bought a fish bowl at the DI for 50 cents and a fish at Petco for 13 cents. I had no idea that this fish would still be alive almost 5 months later. He even survived the move to Las Vegas. Since I am Nemo's primary care taker I always feed him right before bed so I don't forget. This morning Kaleb decided that he wanted to feed Nemo. Here is how our conversation went....

Kaleb: (pushing a chair over to the kitchen counter) Mommy, I want to feed Nemo.
Me: Don't feed him too much.
Kaleb: Why? (a word I hear about 100 times a day!)
Me: Because I fed him last night and I gave him too much food.
Kaleb: Mommy! Why would you do that?
Me: Because I made a mistake.
Kaleb: M-O-M-M-Y! You can't make him a steak! He's a fish!

I love this kid! He keeps me laughing all day long!


The White Clan said...

If this was facebook I would LIKE this!

Rochellemagee said...

ROFL!!!! OH MY WORD!!! That's just about the funniest thing I've ever heared!!! Oh I miss that kid!