Thursday, April 15, 2010

Great to be 8!

This past week the kids and I went to Winnemucca to surprise my little sister Emma for her 8th birthday. We had been telling her for a while that there was no way we could come so she was very excited when she saw us pull up in the driveway. We had a great time and we're so glad that we got to be part of her special day.

The happy birthday girl!

The horse cake that I made her. She LOVED it!

The rag quilt that I made her to put in her "cowgirl" bedroom.


The White Clan said...

What a good sister you are. I am glad you had fun! And that you are home safe.

Miriam H said... my friend are talented! Such a cute cake and the quilt amazing!!!!!!!!!! love it

Natalie Bergquist said...

You are such an awesome sister!!! The quilt is so cute and full of love and the cake is AMAZING!!!!!! Wow; you are so creative and impressive! How can I be more like you?????