Thursday, March 4, 2010

Simply Delicious!

So Jeff is absolutely LOVING school. He has to start making a portfolio and include pictures of things that he cooks. Tonight he made Skirt Steak with a Soy, Garlic and Lime marinade. It was absolutely delicious. It is something he makes at least once a week for us. The picture doesn't quite do it justice.

Words can not even express how proud of him I am. It wasn't easy to make this move and begin this new chapter in our lives but I would have gone across the world if it meant he could pursue his dream. He is an amazing husband, an amazing dad and he is becoming an amazing chef. I love you Jeff and I am so grateful that you're mine!


The White Clan said...

Sure rub it in!

I am glad he is loving it. We sure miss you guys.

Erin Terry said...
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Erin Terry said...

We miss you too! You'll have to come visit us soon so he can make you something delicious!

Kyle and April Moore said...

mmm that looks delish!! I miss you guys!