Thursday, September 10, 2009

Time Flies When You're in Love

I can't believe it but today we are celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary. In the last week I have thought of a million things I could write on here. I could pour out my heart and write a sappy poem or tell our "Love Story" or list all the reasons I love Jeff. But in the end I realized that the great thing about Jeff is that he's a man of few words. That can be frustrating at times but I love the fact that even though he's not an openly emotional guy, I can look in his eyes and know that he loves me. I can still picture in my mind the way he looked at me as I walked down the aisle. And even though the last four years of our life together havent been perfect, I still catch that look on his face and it lets me know that no matter what I will always be his and he will always be mine. Together we have created two beautiful children and I look forward to the day we will all go to the temple to be sealed for all eternity. Jeff, you are an amazing dad, an amazing husband and a great friend. The simple truth is that I love you, I need you and I will always be by your side.


Kyle and April Moore said...

sooo sweet!!!! congrats you two!!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I love how the more time goes by you find more reasons to love each other.

The White Clan said...

I love it! Happy Anniversary to you! You are both wonderful!