Monday, August 31, 2009

The Heart Of My Home

So I came across this quote tonight in another blog I was reading and there was something about it that I loved. Thought I would share it with you!
"Home is a place where we welcome each family member with a sense of belonging. Home is a place where we are free to bring the fullness of our womanhood to bear in every sphere of our life. A womans place is in the heart- the heart of her husband, the heart of her children and the heart of her home. Home is a refuge that we create for every family member. Homemaking is a call to express fully our personhood and thereby enable every member of the family to understand his or her dignity and worth. I am the queen of my realm. I am the heart of my home." Kimberly Hahn


The White Clan said...

Sure makes you think about all you aren't doing, huh? I think my home needs a heart traansplant. :)

Erin Terry said...

You crack me up! I'm so glad you're my friend. Without you my life would be so dull :)