Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Fun!

What a great 4th of July!
We started our day off at the park where they had
a bounce house, races, a train ride and snow cones.
Kaleb loved it all. He got to run in the races for the
very first time and even though he didnt come in first
he was so proud of himself. Andie had a good time just
basking in the sun. After that we went home and relaxed
for a while. Then we went and had a big block
party with all our great neighbors. It was
so much fun. We had tons of food, a pool, squirt guns,
a mini bounce house, water baloons, and so much more!
We love our neighborhood so much and can't
imagine living anywhere else. Thank you all so
much for being so good to our family.


The White Clan said...

It was very fun! Thanks for all your hard work!

April Leydsman Mason said...

So hello.... I didn't even know you had a blog. I just found it. I'm totally gonna start checking in on you now. I bet you are so excited. I love that cute little family picture you have.

Anonymous said...

glad your party was such a hit. sorry I missed it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Errin! I'm glad you found me! I would love to make you some bows, you can come by anytime and see what I have. And I actually do make ones smaller than the size of my babies head;) so don't be worried:). I'll talk to you soon! And cute blog by the way, You'll have to send me your email so I can invite you to our family blog!